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Community Choirs in West Sussex

About Resources

Resources common to all West Sussex Sings Choirs can be found on this page.

If the resource you are looking for is unique to your choir it is likey to be found in the resources section for your choir

Vocal WarmUps

This page contains some youtube video clips of vocal warm up exercises and daily voice exercises.

There are only suggestions and we can only suggest them as guidance.

Always treat you voice gently, don't sing to loudly and drink plenty of water.

Other Resources

This page also contains video clips of other choirs that you might find inspirational.

How to Get Resources

The links on this page will take you to Google Drive where the items you want can be downloaded with a right click and selecting download.

Choir Practice Resources 2017

West Sussex Sings Resources

Use this link

Or copy and paste the address below to your browser

Horsham Video

Use this link

Christmas Performance Songs 2015

Carol of the Bells - A Special Arrangement by Emily Barden

Pachelbels Canon - A Special Arrangement by Emily Barden

Anchor 1

Warm up Exercises and Daily Routines

Anchor 2

Other Choirs on YouTube

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