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As part of Culture Spark Chichester 2022 West Sussex Sings community choir performed at Cowdray Castle ruins.  We performed "Here comes the Sun" and at the moment we reached the phrase "the ice is slowly melting" the heavens opened and and a snow storm enveloped the whole choir.

For more pictures from Culture Spark click here

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Community Choirs in West Sussex

Contact Emily Barden for more info.

Are you thinking about singing in a choir?

 Now would be a good time to find out how it feels at one of our "West Sussex Sings" community choirs. No auditions, just have a go.  See below for venues and times.

Happy New Year

to all members of West Sussex Sings Choirs. Thank you for your continued support

during all of 2022.

 We look forward to being able to sing together again in the New Year.

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West Sussex Sings Spring 2023

Were back!   All 3 choirs will resume

during the week commencing 13th Febuary

Bellacapella @ Eastergate Village Hall:                Monday 5.30pm - 7.00pm

Petworth Voices @ Duncton Village Hall:            Thursday 5.30pm – 6.45pm

Valley Voices @ Oakwood School (Theatre):      Thursday 7.30pm – 8.30pm


For information about spaces at the above choir sessions please email as follows:-

For Bellacapella please email: Lizzie Smart -

For Valley Voices please email: Sue Martin -

For Petworth Voices please email


To join the West Sussex Sings mailing list and be kept up to date, please email

About West Sussex Sings

Community Choirs are a great way to get involved with music, whatever level of experience you have.  Singing with other people is not only a lot of fun; it is scientifically proven to be good for you!  It lowers stress levels, helps improve breathing, increases memory function, increases confidence and is a great way to meet other people.

The emphasis is on singing for the sheer joy of it in a mutually supportive atmosphere that naturally evolves, where those with more confidence give support to those with less, who in turn become more confident. You’ll be amazed at the fantastic and musical sound a Community Choir can make!

Our Community Choirs welcome singers of all abilities, there are no auditions and songs are usually taught by ear. The repertoire is hugely varied, from traditional African call and response songs to gospel and soul tunes, right through to contemporary chart hits.

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You'll Never Walk Alone - Virtual Choir

This uplifting video is a collaboration between all the West Sussex Sings Choirs, Chichester Festival Theatre singing group and a choir in Northumberland.

Videos and recordings from choir members have been combined by Emily to create this video with a message so appropriate to current times.

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Please share this with friends and family

March On - Virtual Choir

This uplifting song, written by Emily, is based on lyrics supplied by members of West Sussex Sings Choirs and reflect feelings from the months of lockdown we have endured during this pandemic.

March On Title Page.jpg

Time Well Spent - Virtual Choir

This song has strong links to West Sussex. The original melody was written in 1788 by Wolfgang Mozart but was later appeared in the 1982 edition of "A Sussex Tune Book" in which it is ascribed to Michael Turner who was clerk and sexton of the Parish of Warnham from 1830 to 1880. The title, "Time Well Spent", used by Emily as inspiration for the lyrics, can be found on signs welcoming visitors to the West Sussex town of Horsham.

Chior members seen in this video are from all the West Sussex Sings Choirs and a choir in Northumberland.


The lyrics and arrangement are by Emily Barden

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