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Dates & Events

For rehearsal dates and events specific to a particular choir navigate to the page for that choir and select the Dates & Events button on that page.

Bishops Palace Gardens 2023


As part of Chichester Festivities West Sussex Sings community choir

joined with other community choirs to perform in

the Bishops Palace Gardens on Sunday 9th July .

Here are some photographs from this event

Arundel Festival


As part of Arundel Festival West Sussex Sings community choir will be performing in August at some date and time to be advised.


As part of Culture Spark Chichester 2022 West Sussex Sings community choir performed at Cowdray Castle ruins.  We performed "Here comes the Sun" and at the moment we reached the phrase "the ice is slowly melting" the heavens opened and and a snow storm enveloped the whole choir.

For more pictures from Culture Spark click here

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